We produce the best products with distinctive technology and selected quality.

Vision Vision
ICFOOD practices ethical management.
The global company ICFOOD will try to fulfill ethical responsibility to meet the needs of different stakeholders and society and practice transparent management.


3Q 6B

3 Quality
Good employee : Quality Worker
Good company : Quality Company
Good products : Quality Products
6 Basic
Organization : Workplace always neatly organized
Arrangement : Workplace where everything is placed handy
Cleanliness : A clean workplace without mess
Neat : Employees wearing clothes neatly
Manners : Employees with good manner
Refinement : Employees loved by everyone

Top 3 spirits

Core value
Speed, Autonomy, Passion
Code of conduct
Intellectual Hard-Working
Guidelines for behavior
Immediately do, must do, until it works
이용약관 개인정보처리방침 이메일무단수집거부
Address: No. 602, 87, Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon (479-8, Gungdong, Fine Building)
Working hours: Monday-Friday 09:00-18:00 (Closed on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays)
Head office: +82-42-825-6460 Sales Office: +82-42-826-6264 Laboratory: +82-44-864-6268 Fax: +82-44-864-6260

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Copyright © ICFOOD Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved.